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What is CoCounsel?
What types of problems can CoCounsel solve?
How does CoCounsel work?
CoCounsel Video Tutorials
How can I draft correspondence with CoCounsel?
How can I use CoCounsel to get a legal research memo?
How can I use CoCounsel to Search a Database?
How can I use CoCounsel to summarize documents?
How can I use CoCounsel to review documents?
How can I use CoCounsel to prepare for a deposition?
How can I use CoCounsel to analyze contracts?
What is the Contract Policy Compliance skill for CoCounsel?
What is the Market Check skill for Enterprise?
Which sources does CoCounsel search and review when generating a legal research memo?
Is CoCounsel free for Law School Students, Faculty, and Staff?
What makes CoCounsel the only trusted and reliable legal A.I. available?
Is CoCounsel secure?
CoCounsel User's Guide
Why should I use CoCounsel instead of ChatGPT for legal work?
Can I talk to CoCounsel like a human?
Can I trust CoCounsel’s answers?
How do I access and navigate the CoCounsel platform?
How much does CoCounsel cost?
How do I upgrade my plan to CoCounsel?
How can I save and organize my work in CoCounsel?
Can I rerun a previous CoCounsel query?
Can I perform tasks that are not covered by CoCounsel’s Skills?
Which CoCounsel skill should I use?
Does CoCounsel understand and speak languages other than English?
How can I disclose or describe my use of generative AI to a court?
How can CoCounsel help transactional attorneys?
How Can CoCounsel help Criminal Practitioners?
How can CoCounsel help litigation attorneys?
How can I comply with my ethical duties of confidentiality while using CoCounsel?
For firm admins: Understanding your admin dashboard
Understanding the Ethical Implications of Generative AI
Where can I learn more about using CoCounsel in my practice areas?
What are tokens and context windows?
How do I retrieve the Flow ID for a CoCounsel request