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Casetext Research FAQs
Casetext Research FAQs

Casetext's Legal Research Platform. Includes advanced Parallel Search and AllSearch technology.

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Can I research an expert witness on Casetext?
How can I find different orders filed in a case?
Using Casetext to stay up to date on the law
Can I preview a case to determine if it is relevant to my research?
How do I save my Parallel Search results?
How do I narrow my search results?
How Do I Browse Statutes, Regulations, and Rules?
How can I sort my keyword search results?
How do I filter my results by jurisdiction?
How do I save a jurisdiction selection?
How do I apply a saved jurisdiction filter?
Can I search by cause of action?
Can I filter out unpublished cases?
How do I search on Casetext?
Can I exclude terms in my search?
Can I find a case by case name or title?
Can I Search by Party Name?
How can I find cases with similar issues?
Can I find a case by its citation?
What Boolean connectors do you support?
Does Casetext support natural language searches?
Can I Filter by District or Department?
Can I search for cases containing terms within a certain number of words of each other?
How do I search for terms within a case?
Can I filter cases by judge?
How do I find other cases that cited a particular case or statute?
Can I find cases with a particular attorney?
Do you support Westlaw or Lexis citations?
How can I access statutes, regulations, and rules?
How do I view my search history?
How do I get more relevant search results?
What is CARA A.I. and how do I use it?
How should I use keywords to research my legal issue?
How do I create a search alert?
How do I see Holdings on a case page?
What are "Citing Cases"?