There are two ways of searching on Casetext Research: keyword search and CARA A.I. search:

With keyword search, you can:

To conduct a keyword search, enter the case title, citation or keywords you want into the search bar:

To select specific jurisdictions, click on "All State & Federal" at the end of the search bar. For more information on jurisdiction selection, click here.

  • Find on-point authorities fast

  • Find cases you or opposing counsel may have missed

  • Check cases cited in your document for bad law

To get started with CARA A.I., upload a document into the "Search with CARA A.I." box on the homepage:

For additional guidance on using CARA A.I., click here

With Parallel Search:

If you have added Parallel Search to your subscription with Casetext Research, you can also use that as an additional way to search. More info here.

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