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Can I find a case by case name or title?
Can I find a case by case name or title?
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Yes, if you have the title of the case you are searching for, you can access it quickly by entering that information into the keyword search bar.

Once you've entered text, a drop-down menu will appear below the search bar. If we have a case that matches your query, you will see it as a suggestion in the drop down menu. 

If there is one exact match, the case will appear as the top suggestion. This top suggestion is pre-selected (note the highlighting) and you can click on the case with your mouse to go directly to it:

If there are multiple cases that match the case title you've entered, you will see up to three case suggestions in the drop-down menu, and you will need to click on the case you want. 

(If the opinion you are searching for is not one of the three displayed in the drop-down, click on the "magnifying glass icon" suggestion to run a keyword search for the case.)

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