CARA A.I. is Casetext's unique artificial intelligence technology that delivers the most relevant cases, faster, including many that researchers would otherwise miss. By uploading a legal brief or complaint to CARA A.I., your results are customized to focus in on the context of your research. Upload a document, and in seconds, CARA A.I. will tailor your search and rank your results based on the specific legal and factual issues you care about. 

To use CARA A.I.:

  1. Have a document (a complaint, brief, memo, or any document with relevant factual or legal issues) ready on your computer that you want to use as the base of your research

  2. Upload the document by dragging it into the "Search with CARA A.I." box on the homepage (or by clicking on the "choose a document to upload" link to select the file from you computer):

If you are already in the middle of your research, you can access the CARA upload box by clicking the CARA A.I. button to the left of the search bar:

That will make a box appear that will allow you to upload your document:

3. Once your document has been uploaded, you will be prompted to enter an issue or fact to focus your search:

  • TIP: Let CARA A.I. do the heavy lifting. Start with a simple search rather than a complex query, e.g, copyright as opposed to copyright and (lyrics or song) and musician. You can always enter a more detailed query later. 

Understanding Your Results

The results page will have a menu at the top. By default, you will be taken to your "CARA A.I" Results. The other three menu options are Keyword Search, Parallel Search and Cited In:

CARA A.I. Results

This tab shows you results of the term(s) you entered into the search bar, ranked in terms of relevance to the document you uploaded. 

  • TIP: Don't let the total number of cases scare you. This is the number of cases in the database that contain the terms you entered into the search bar, which could be 1,000+ if you use a simple search term as suggested above. What matters here is the ranking of the cases. The cases at the top of your CARA A.I. results will be relevant to the facts and legal issues of your document. 

Keyword Search

This tab does not take into account the document you uploaded. It simply shows the results for the term(s) you entered into the search bar. 

Parallel Search

Like the Keyword Search tab, this tab does not take into account the document you uploaded. It simply shows the results for the term(s) you entered into the search bar.

Cited In 

This tab presents a list of cases that were cited in the document. For more information about about the Cited In tab, check out:

What is the difference between keyword search and CARA A.I. search?

Keyword search is your traditional method of searching: you enter terms and connectors into the search bar. Casetext supports both natural language and boolean queries.

CARA A.I. search analyzes the document you uploaded and uses the relevant language, citations, fact patterns, and other signals to find the most relevant results related to the issues in your document. You can change your keyword query to focus CARA A.I. on a new issue or narrow your results.

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