How do I search on Casetext?
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There are three ways of searching on Casetext: keyword search, CARA A.I. search, and Parallel Search:

  1. Keyword Search: With a keyword search, you can:

To conduct a keyword search, enter the case title, citation or keywords you want into the search bar:

To select specific jurisdictions, click on "All State & Federal" at the end of the search bar. For more information on jurisdiction selection, click here.

  • Find on-point authorities fast

  • Find cases you or opposing counsel may have missed

  • Check cases cited in your document for bad law

To get started with CARA A.I., choose the "Search with a document" option from the left side menu on the homepage:

For additional guidance on using CARA A.I., click here

3. Parallel Search:

With Parallel Search, you can search for cases on your legal research topic by typing in a full sentence describing that topic. We recommend entering a full sentence between 5 and 30 words into the search bar for optimal results.

Sentence examples:

-Target’s employees were uncompensated while waiting for loss prevention inspections before leaving work.

-Sometimes, the court must abandon precedent in the interest of justice.

-Dr. Jones is a professor of history, not economics, and is not qualified to testify regarding economic injury.

Unlike a keyword search, you do not need to use Boolean terms or connectors with a Parallel Search.

Unlike a keyword search, Parallel Search uses advanced neural net technology to identify synonyms and related concepts in the case law. This allows you to see cases that you would not be able to find with traditional keyword searches. Additional information about Parallel Search can be found here.

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