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Working with CoCounsel Core
Working with CoCounsel Core
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CoCounsel Core provides access to the world’s first AI legal assistant capable of assisting with a range of substantive legal work, including file summarization, document and contract review, contract analysis and redlining, database research, drafting correspondence, preparing for depositions, creating timelines, and a range of other language-based tasks.


CoCounsel Core is capable of assisting with the following substantive legal tasks:

  • Search a Database

  • Summarize

  • Review Documents

  • Extract Contract Data

  • Contract Policy Compliance

  • Draft Correspondence

  • Draft Deposition Questions

  • Timeline (available in beta starting 11/15/23)

CoCounsel Core is also capable of legal research with a separate subscription to Westlaw Precision.

Legal research with Westlaw Precision

Organizations with a subscription to both CoCounsel Core and Westlaw Precision will experience the best of both worlds: Westlaw’s proven, reliable legal content, and Casetext’s industry-leading legal AI technology.

Various subscription options

CoCounsel Core exists to balance the needs of different legal organizations and access to the best legal technology at a time of unprecedented innovation.

Training to work with generative AI

Legal research has changed. Keyword guesswork and Boolean codes are no longer the only or most effective way to search for responsive authority in legal databases, or relevant documents in your large datasets. Product experts will support all Casetext subscribers, and additional training will be focused on effective strategies for prompting and refining responses from generative AI.

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