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What is CoCounsel?
What is CoCounsel?

An introduction to CoCounsel, the world's first AI legal assistant

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CoCounsel, the world's first AI legal assistant, leverages groundbreaking machine learning technology to complete sophisticated legal tasks at superhuman speed.

With CoCounsel, attorneys can, for the first time, delegate substantive tasks to A.I., including conducting legal research, analyzing and summarizing large databases of contracts and other documents, and more.

  • Talk to CoCounsel like a human: The AI model underlying CoCounsel has advanced language generation and reading comprehension capabilities, enabling you to talk to CoCounsel like a human. Like a human, you can instruct CoCounsel to perform a wide range of legal tasks, including instructions to customize CoCounsel’s output to your needs and preferences.

  • Use CoCounsel to get your work done more efficiently: Because CoCounsel has advanced abilities to process and synthesize information, you can use it to perform higher-quality legal work in a much shorter time frame. You can use CoCounsel to perform a wide variety of common tasks for both litigation and transactional work.

You can learn more about the different applications available on the CoCounsel platform by clicking on the following links:

Please note: CoCounsel is intended to help attorneys complete tasks more efficiently, but it cannot be used to replace an attorney’s judgment. It is still up to attorneys to decide what to do with the information provided by CoCounsel.

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