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CoCounsel Video Tutorials

Learn to use CoCounsel with short video tutorials

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The following video tutorials cover everything from getting started to using CoCounsel's various capabilities. Learn about CoCounsel Core Skills | Learn how CoCounsel works.


Research skills answer a single question across a large dataset.

AI-Assisted Research

A separate Westlaw Precision subscription is required for legal research.
โ€‹CoCounsel Core with Westlaw Precision

Search a Database


Review skills read files word-for-word to find user-specified content.

Review Documents

Extract Contract Data

Contract Policy Compliance


Summarize skills read files word-for-word to provide fixed answers.




Draft skills use a description to create user-specified content.

Draft Correspondence

Prepare for a Deposition

Introduction and other

Getting Started

Using Workflows

A Short Introduction to CoCounsel Core (~5 min)

An Introduction to CoCounsel Core (~30 minutes)

Get the most out of CoCounsel

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