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CoCounsel Core: Summarize

Learn how to summarize any file with CoCounsel Core

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The Summarize skill allows lawyers to quickly understand long, complicated, densely-worded files even when they don't have any specific questions about the content. In this situation, CoCounsel Core reads files word-for-word and provides a summary.

A. How the AI works

Select files and request a summary. CoCounsel then reads every word of the files and writes a brief, detailed, or comprehensive summary.

1. Select files

At the bottom of the chat, select "⊕ Upload" and then use any of these options to select files: "Files from your database," "Recent files," or "Upload from your computer." How do I add files to the chat in CoCounsel Core?

2. Request a summary

CoCounsel confirms the selected files. Request a summary, then press Enter on your keyboard or select the send button in the chat.

3. Select the summary type

CoCounsel interprets your request and the gray, pill-shaped label confirms using the Summarize skill. Select your summary type: "Brief," "Detailed," or "Comprehensive."

Hover 🛈 for an explanation of summary types

4. CoCounsel begins summarizing

A bar shows CoCounsel's progress and the summary type is confirmed. Select "Email me when complete" to be notified when your results are ready. You may also cancel your request, or select "View results" to watch CoCounsel work.

5. Navigate and verify the results.

When the results are ready, click "View results."

The results include a summary of each document under expandable headings. The result layout is different for each summary type, but each layout allows you to verify the results in the actual text of the original file.


Select "View document" to read the original file.

The viewing pane appears. On the left side, expand and collapse headings, select "View Document" and scroll for summaries of different files. On the right side, use the menu options to navigate selected file.


Select "View Pages..." to read the original file.

The viewing pane appears. Click "View pages..." on the left sidebar to auto-scroll the right viewing area.


Select "View Page..." to read the original file.

The viewing pane appears. Click "View page..." on the left sidebar to auto-scroll the right viewing area.

6. Use the results

Download to Word or copy the results.

B. Samples

Use these samples to consider how CoCounsel will help with your work.

1. Requests

Please help me summarize a document.

I need a comprehensive summary.

Provide a bulleted summary of this pasted text right here in the chat: [pasted text].

2. Refine results

After reviewing CoCounsel’s response, continue chatting with CoCounsel to refine the results.

Revise the length

Re-summarize this document, but instead of a brief summary please provide a detailed summary.

Request additional assistance

After this refinement, the Review Documents skill will begin and use the same documents.

Review both documents that were summarized and answer these three questions: What injuries were sustained? Were the drivers of the vehicles taking their usual routes at the time of the accident? How long did it take first responders to arrive on the scene?

C. Limitations

1. Input limits

File types

.doc, .docx, .eml, .msg, .pdf, .txt, .zip

File size and amount

Generally, there can be a tradeoff between the size of files and the amount of files. For example, CoCounsel may be able to work with many smaller files in the same time as a few larger files. While there is no limit to the number of files CoCounsel can use to create a timeline, expect to wait longer for requests with larger files or more files. CoCounsel will provide an estimated time to complete the work.


500 MB .pdfs

20 MB text files


~200 files

✨ If CoCounsel rejects a file, divide the file into multiple, smaller files.

2. Output limits

The summary will be the selected length: Brief, Detailed, or Comprehensive.

3. Focused summaries

CoCounsel does not focus its summaries on specific content.

Not possible: Summarize the Facts and Analysis sections of this court decision.

✨ CoCounsel can focus on specific content during a Review. Learn about Reviewing

4. Compare and contrast documents

CoCounsel reviews each document on its own. This means CoCounsel cannot complete requests that require CoCounsel to compare or contrast documents or contracts.

5. Summarizing handwriting

Generally, if a human can read handwritten text, then CoCounsel should be able to read it, too. This means CoCounsel’s ability to read handwritten text can vary, depending on legibility.

6. Summarizing pasted text

CoCounsel cannot use its summarize capabilities for pasted text.

✨ Ask CoCounsel to summarize pasted text "right here in the chat."

CoCounsel will provide reminders about its capabilities and limitations.

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