You can use Casetext's brief analyzer, called CARA A.I., to get a list of relevant cases that a brief or other legal document failed to cite.

To use CARA A.I. for this purpose:

  1. Select "Search with a document" from the left panel on Casetext's Home page.

  2. Upload the document you would like to analyze by dragging it into the "Search with CARA A.I." box or by clicking on the "choose a document to upload" link to select the file from your computer:

3. Once your document has been uploaded, you will be prompted to enter an issue or fact to focus your search results on a specific topic. If you would like to see all relevant cases recommended by CARA A.I. and not limit your results to a specific topic, you can select "all suggested cases" from the bottom of this menu:

You will then be taken to your "CARA A.I" Results. Your search results page will include relevant cases that your uploaded document already cites, as well as new relevant cases identified by CARA that are not cited in your document.

To just see those new relevant cases, identified by CARA that are not cited in your document, click on "CARA filters" under the search bar. That will cause a menu to appear, where you can check the box next to "Hide cited authorities." After you check that box, click the blue "Apply" button at the bottom of the menu:

You will now only see those cases recommended by CARA, which your document does not already cite. This is a good way to check to see whether your brief has omitted a relevant case, or whether opposing counsel's brief has overlooked a relevant case.

To find out more about CARA, please see the article, "What is CARA A.I. and how do I use it?"

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