How do I create a search alert?
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With Casetext's search alert feature, you'll receive an email if there are any new results found for your saved search. We check for new results daily so if you don't receive an email it's because there were no new results.

Please note: Our Published/Unpublished filter does not currently apply to search alerts however, this functionality is on our roadmap to be added in the future.

You can learn more about that filter here.

How to turn a search alert on

  1. First, create your keyword search as you normally would.

  2. After you've done that you click the "Actions" button which will reveal the search alerts options.

Next, clicking the "Search alert is off" button will activate the search alert. You'll now notice there is a green bell icon to the left of the "Actions" button. This allows you to confirm that your search alert is turned on.

When search alerts are on, you'll receive an email with the subject line "Search alert from Casetext" which will include a link to the case and a short case snippet anytime new case results are found. If you don't receive an email it's because no new results were found.

How to turn a search alert off

You can easily turn a search alert off by locating the search that you set the search alert up for in your search history. To learn more about viewing your search history click here.

Note: You can confirm search alerts are turned on for a previous search because once you pull it up it'll see a green bell icon.

Once you've pulled up the previous search that you created the search alert for simply click the green bell icon to turn the search alerts off.

After you've clicked the bell icon it'll disappear confirming that search alerts have been deactivated for that particular search query.

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