Can I filter out unpublished cases?
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Yes, you can use Casetext's "Published and unpublished" filter to remove cases from your search results that were not intended for publication.

How Do I Use It?

The filter can be found above your search results when you click "published and unpublished":

The default setting is to show both published and unpublished cases. To remove the unpublished cases from your search results, uncheck the box next to "show unpublished cases," per the screenshot above. Then, click the "Apply" button.

What Does The Filter Cover?

Casetext’s publication filter removes opinions that the court has explicitly designated as not intended for publication.  In other words, if you choose to hide unpublished cases, this filter will exclude those opinions that contain express disclaimers stating that they are not to be published, including "not intended for publication," "not to be published," "non-precedential decision," and similar language.

Please note that jurisdictions vary on how they designate unpublished opinions and also vary on how (or whether) these types of opinions can be cited in a legal brief. Certain jurisdictions do not include any disclaimers on their unreported decisions. Unreported decisions that do not contain any disclaimers that expressly designate them as not for publication are not excluded by our publication filter.

In addition, please note that where a dissent opinion was published in an official reporter, the decision is considered “published” even if the majority opinion was designated not for publication.

If you have any questions regarding this filter or the status of any judicial opinion on Casetext, please contact our team at for assistance.

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