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Does Casetext integrate with practice management software?
Does Casetext integrate with practice management software?

Casetext integrates with Clio

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Casetext's research technology integrates with Clio's practice management software. If you use Clio, you can integrate Casetext into your Clio dashboard. Please visit and click the button that says, "Add to Clio" to set up your integration.

Integrating Casetext into Clio allows you to easily access Casetext from within Clio. It also allows you to upload briefs, complaints, and other documents that you save in Clio to Casetext's CARA A.I. search engine to find cases and other authorities on your legal research issue. You can also use CARA A.I. to assemble a binder of the authorities cited in a brief, which you can then save to Clio.

For more information on our Clio integration, please visit For more information on how to use CARA A.I., please see What is CARA A.I. and how do I use it?

CoCounsel does not integrate with Clio.

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