Can I Search by Party Name?
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To search for cases in which a particular company or individual is the plaintiff or defendant, use the title: search functionality. Enter title: in the search bar, followed by the party name. 

For example, a search for title:apple will show all cases that contain the word apple in either party name:

Multiple Words

To get more specific, you can elaborate on your search. The functionality looks at all text following the colon, so a search for title:apple inc (no quotations marks, with a space), will show cases with apple inc in the party name:

Keywords + Title

To limit your search to cases containing particular keywords, place those keywords before the title: portion of the search. 

Incorrect: title:apple inc and design

Correct: design and title:apple inc (see below)

Please note:

  • It is not currently possible to search for all cases involving two different parties 

  • The "t" at the beginning of the word title must be lowercase

  • If you know the name of a specific case you are trying to find, you can find it by entering the case title into the search bar. For more information, visit this page

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