The Casetext database contains 100,000 briefs filed by national litigation practices, government agencies, boutique law firms, and major non-profit organizations in federal district court, as well as state court briefs filed in New York. Additionally, Casetext offers California trial court content to provide access to millions of California state trial court briefs and pleadings for a small additional monthly charge. Click here for more information on the California trial court content database and how to include it in your subscription.

There are two ways to access briefs:

  • Through keyword search

  • On cases pages (where you will find briefs that cite to the case you are viewing)

To access all briefs in search results, click on the Federal Briefs link on the left side of the screen:

To specifically access the California trial court content briefs and pleadings, click on the California Briefs & Forms link on the left side of the screen:

Case Pages

To access the briefs that cite to a particular case, click on the "Citing Briefs" tab at the top of the case page:

An example of the "Citing Briefs" tab of a case is shown below:

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