Adding Gavelytics to your Casetext subscription is fast and straightforward! If you would like to know more about what this partnership provides Casetext users, click here. You can add Gavelytics to your Casetext subscription for $19 per month. Please note that because Gavelytics is a third-party company, any special discounts or sales on Casetext products do not apply to Gavelytics.

Firm accounts (admin user only):

Please follow instructions below to add Gavelytics to your account.

*Note: Approving this add-on will apply to all users on your account and charges will be applied for each attorney seat on your firm. You are able to view the charge before confirming the add-on firm wide.

Individual accounts:

After running a search in with California Trial Court Briefs selected as your jurisdiction or by simply conducting a keyword search in California, select "California Briefs By Gavelytics" under Secondary Sources on the left-hand side of the results page. You will then have the option to view the price of adding Gavelytics to your subscription. Follow through with the automated prompts by clicking on the blue buttons and you will get setup with the Gavelytics addition once you approve the charges.

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