How can I download or print a case?
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Downloading a PDF of a Case

To download a formatted PDF of a case, click on the PDF icon in the upper left corner of the case page:

PDF Options


You will need to choose between a one- and two-column PDF:

Highlighting (Optional)

If the case has key passages (green highlighting), and/or if you have highlighted text on the case page (yellow highlighting), you can include those in your PDF by checking the appropriate box(es): 

When you are finished with your selection(s), click the blue Download button. 

Here is an example of case downloaded in two-columns format, with key passages and highlighting:

Printing a Case

To print a formatted version of a case, click on the print icon in the upper left corner of the case.

As with the PDF download option, you will be given a choice between a one or two column document (and, if there are key passages or if you have highlighted text, the option to include your highlights). Click the "Print" button when you are finished with your selections:

Once you make your selection, a new tab containing the formatted document will open. You can then use your computer's print function to print the case. (You can also print out your downloaded PDF.) 

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