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Getting Started with CoCounsel Core
How do I create and maintain CoCounsel Core databases?
How do I create and maintain CoCounsel Core databases?

Learn how to create and maintain your CoCounsel Core databases

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CoCounsel Core can search large sets of data. Create and maintain these databases with the following instructions.

Create databases

1. Create a database from the chat or from Database management.

From the chat

Go to the bottom of the chat, select "⊕ Upload," and then select "Search an entire database."

A list of your database will appear. Go to the top right and select "⊕ New database."

From Database management

In the left Workspace at the bottom, select "⚙ Manage workspace," and then select "Database management."

Database management will open. Select "⊕ Create a new database" from the top right.

2. There are various database use cases. Select the best use case for your database.

3. The database type is confirmed. Name the database and change who has access, then select "Create database"

Who has access?

The options are "Only I" or "All members of [your organization]" can "view and upload." Make any changes and select "Save."

Once the database is created, users can be invited by email and access can be limited to "view only."

4. Add files by clicking the blue shaded region to navigate your computer's folders, or drag and drop files into the blue shaded region (shown below).

5. CoCounsel begins uploading and processing your files.

6. CoCounsel confirms its work is complete.

Manage databases

Manage access to share databases

Select "Manage access" and change "Only I" to "All members of [your organization]" to select whether all members may "view and upload" or "view only." Then select "Save."

You may also use "Manage access" to set "View..." permissions and invite individuals, rather than your entire organization. Enter the email, or emails separated by commas, then select "Invite." Then select "Save."

Select "More Actions" to Rename and Delete the database. Choose "Upload files" to add files to the database.

Choose the "⋮" menu next to a file in the database to Download or Delete the file.

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