How does CoCounsel respond to requests?

Learn how CoCounsel responds to your requests for assistance.

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When you request help from legal assistants it is common to receive follow-up confirmations and clarifications before work begins. When you request assistance from CoCounsel it will also confirm its understanding of your request before proceeding.

A. How the AI works

Generally, CoCounsel will restate your request in its own words and provide an intuitive outline of the information it will use. To proceed, make corrections or confirm CoCounsel's response. Different skills accomplish different work, so CoCounsel's responses will vary by skill.

1. Legal research

During legal research, CoCounsel will confirm the request, any relevant date range, and the publication status for your query. Make changes or click "Submit request."

2. Database research

During database research, CoCounsel will confirm your database research request. Make changes or click "Submit request."

3. File-based skills

CoCounsel's responses will vary by file-based skill.

Contract Policy Compliance, Extract Contract Data, and Review Documents

Request the skill and provide the files. Type your questions or explain the information to find, add favorites, or delete questions. Then click "Submit request." Once the skill is running, save questions as a favorite. Learn more about favorites

This example shows Extract Contract Data.

Favorites for Contract Policy Compliance are saved separately from other favorites.

Favorites for Extract Contract Data and Review Documents are saved together, and may be used interchangeably on either skill.


Request the skill and provide the files. Then select the summary length and click "Submit request."

  • Brief - summarizes the entire document in a few paragraphs

  • Detailed - bulleted summary of a range of pages from a file

  • Comprehensive - bulleted summary of each page of a file

​Other skills

Discovery Response and Timeline do not require additional responses.

B. Limitations

Create favorites

The option to save favorites is available once a skill is running.

Review and select favorites

Favorites are only available within relevant skills. There is not yet a central location to review and manage all favorites.

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