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How do I set my organization's "Idle Timeout" interval?
How do I set my organization's "Idle Timeout" interval?

Learn how to set the "Idle Timeout" for your organization

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For privacy and security, users are automatically logged out when their account is no longer being used. Firm administrators can set the timeout interval for members of their organization. The timeout interval is the amount of time members of their organization can be inactive or idle before the session times out and they have to log back in. The timeout interval options are 90 minutes, 60 minutes, and 30 minutes of inactivity. The default setting is 90 minutes.

Session notifications

When an account has been inactive for the timeout interval set by an organization, this notice will appear.

Set or manage

  1. Go to the left sidebar. Select "Account" and then "Account and Settings."

  2. Under "Settings" select "Privacy and security."

  3. Use the "Timeout Interval" dropdown to select a new time. Then click "Update Timeout Interval."

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