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CoCounsel Core: Timeline

Learn how to create a timeline with CoCounsel Core

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The Timeline skill allows lawyers to quickly isolate date, time, and event description information in any files. In this situation, CoCounsel Core reads files word-for-word and provides a timeline.

A. How the AI Works

When CoCounsel is creating a timeline, it reads every word of a file to identify events. Generally, creating a timeline follows these steps.

1. Select the source

📂 Upload the files, or choose files from Recent files or a database

2. Request a timeline

💬 I need to create a timeline of events

3. CoCounsel reads every word of a file

4. CoCounsel provides a dynamic list with date and time information, and a short event description

5. Navigate and verify the results

Search the results

Set filters

Expand events to see a list of sources, mark a favorite, edit, or delete the event.

Click pincites to go to the exact page

6. Use the results

Refine the results in the chat

Export filtered results via Excel, CSV, or print

Export the entire timeline a Word Document or Excel Spreadsheet

B. Samples

1. Requests

Ask CoCounsel Core for initial assistance.

💬 I need to create a timeline of events.

💬 I need to create a timeline of events described in these [describe files like deposition transcripts, healthcare contracts, and reports].

2. Refine results

After reviewing CoCounsel Core’s response, continue chatting with CoCounsel to refine the results.

💬 Please list the events from the above timeline in a letter to my client.

💬 Please use the timeline of events from this car accident to help me prepare for a deposition. I am deposing the at fault driver and I represent the injured, other driver.

C. Limitations

1. Input limits

File type

.pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt, .zip

File size

500 MB .pdf

20 MB .doc, .docx, .txt

✨ If CoCounsel rejects a file, divide the file into multiple, smaller files.

File amount

Generally, there can be a tradeoff between the size of files and the amount of files. For example, CoCounsel may be able to work with many smaller files in the same time as a few larger files. While there is no limit to the number of files CoCounsel can use to create a timeline, expect to wait longer for requests with larger files or more files. CoCounsel will provide an estimated time to complete the work.


  • Requests and refinements

CoCounsel cannot focus on specific information (e.g., events that happened at or after a date and/or time or the activities of a specific person). In this way, CoCounsel's Timeline skill functions more like the Summarize skill, which performs a preset course of action, and not like the Review Documents or Extract Contract Data skills, which can be used to identify specific information or answer specific questions.

  • Handwriting

Generally, if a human can read handwritten text, then CoCounsel should be able to read it, too. This means CoCounsel’s ability to read handwritten text can vary, depending on legibility.

CoCounsel will provide reminders about its capabilities and limitations.

2. Output limits

The number of events CoCounsel can identify is not limited.

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