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CoCounsel Core as a Westlaw Precision User
CoCounsel Core as a Westlaw Precision User
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On November 15, 2023, Thomson Reuters launched Westlaw Precision with AI-Assisted Research. This new application uses generative AI to search and analyze Westlaw’s content to provide answers to your legal research questions, along with lists of key cases, statutes, and/or regulations.

Organizations that have both CoCounsel and Westlaw Precision are among the first to experience Westlaw Precision with AI-Assisted Research. Here are answers to questions you may have.

What is the benefit of Westlaw Precision with AI-assisted research?

You get the best of both worlds: Westlaw’s proven, reliable legal content, and CoCounsel’s industry-leading legal AI technology. This includes:

  • Westlaw’s database of cases, statutes, and regulations

  • Westlaw’s full KeyCite citator with flags and case histories

  • A substantive legal memo in minutes

  • “Cited with” feature to access factually-analogous cases

  • Clickable inline citations to relevant primary law

  • The option to refine results with plain language follow-up prompts

If I use CoCounsel as a Westlaw Precision user, what will happen when I request legal research?

When you request legal research, CoCounsel will understand your intent and route you to the correct skill: AI-Assisted Research. Here is a brief overview of how it works. Learn more about AI-Assisted Research in CoCounsel Core

Enter your legal research query into the chat.

When you send the message or click enter, CoCounsel understands that you want to do legal research and routes to the correct skill, AI-Assisted Research.

CoCounsel researches the question using Westlaw Precision's legal content.

When your results are ready click "View results."

The results confirm the request and provide a narrative response with clickable, inline citations. Clicking the citation auto-scrolls to that supporting material (see below).

CoCounsel also provides a list of the most relevant supporting materials organized under collapsible and expandable headings:

  • Sources, like cases, statutes, and regulations

  • Administrative decisions and guidance

  • Practical Law guidance

  • Additional secondary sources

Ask follow-up questions, or download and copy the results.

Your Westlaw Precision history will include legal research conducted with AI-Assisted Research in CoCounsel.

What content is included in Westlaw Precision with AI-Assisted Research?

Westlaw Precision with AI-Assisted Research analyzes Westlaw’s comprehensive primary law authorities, which includes US state and federal cases, statutes, and regulations.

You can make up to three jurisdiction selections: any three states, any three federal jurisdictions, or a combination of up to three state and federal jurisdictions. You can also select a nationwide search. If you try to select more than three jurisdictions at once, the search will default to a nationwide search.

Westlaw Precision is a US technology. CoCounsel Core does not currently integrate with versions of Westlaw in other regions.

In CoCounsel, you can request “workflows” where CoCounsel uses its output from a previous skill to help accomplish another task. Will l be able to do the same in Westlaw Precision?

Yes, similar to other skills in CoCounsel Core, you will be able to refer to AI-Assisted Research results in the chat, or even ask follow-up research questions.

How will this new integration affect my billing?

Nothing will change with your billing. You still be invoiced from Thomson Reuters for Westlaw and Casetext for CoCounsel. In the future, as we continue to bring these two companies together, there will be an integration of billing systems.

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