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How do I use CoCounsel’s chat?
How do I use CoCounsel’s chat?

Learn how to use the CoCounsel chat.

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CoCounsel’s chat prioritizes your legal work with a flexible user interface that is faster and more responsive. Just describe what you need with a request or a document, or use one of CoCounsel’s live recommendations.

A. The chat

Use CoCounsel just like other generative AI, by chatting.

CoCounsel assumes that you will request what you need. But if you need help getting started, select an example.

You don’t have to force your work into a CoCounsel skill for the best results.

There is no right way to start your work, which means you can start from anywhere: by describing what you need, by adding a file from your device, by selecting a database, or by using CoCounsel’s live recommendations.

So instead of only being able to “select a skill”...

Describe what you need, add a file from your device, select a database, or even just paste a text passage.

Cancel tasks that are no longer needed.

If you need to start over, no problem. Just “Cancel.” And you can still ask CoCounsel to email you when its work is complete. Select "Notify me."

B. Value from improved technology and development

After carefully reviewing months of detailed and helpful feedback from CoCounsel users, our team of engineers and legal experts used the newest technology to improve CoCounsel. Specifically, we improved CoCounsel’s ability to:

  • Focus on the right information at the right time.

  • Identify which of its functions to use, and begin working much more quickly.

  • Use fewer tokens to process your requests. Learn more about tokens

The CoCounsel chat is part of a technological foundation that allows CoCounsel to work much more efficiently, and that also allows our team to improve and scale CoCounsel’s abilities.

Need assistance? We are here to help. Please contact support

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