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How do I retrieve the Flow ID for a CoCounsel request
How do I retrieve the Flow ID for a CoCounsel request

Instructions for finding and sharing the Flow ID for your CoCounsel request.

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Summary and video

When you use a CoCounsel skill, you make a request on the right side of the chat in blue, and CoCounsel provides a response on the left side in gray. Each request has a unique code called a "flow ID." If you provide feedback about a CoCounsel skill, or if you request assistance with a CoCounsel skill, you may be asked to retrieve and provide the flow ID for your CoCounsel request. This helps Casetext's engineers understand your situation.

Step-by-step instructions

Complete these preliminary steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome (Download Google Chrome);

  2. Log into Casetext;

  3. Go to CoCounsel;

  4. Open the relevant CoCounsel matter; and

  5. Scroll to the relevant request on the right side of the chat in blue.

(1) Open Chrome DevTools

Find the title of your CoCounsel request. The title is a boldface heading that includes the name of the CoCounsel skill. Right-click the title and select "Inspect."

The Chrome DevTools panel will appear at the "Elements" tab with the flow ID highlighted. A flow ID is a long, hyphenated, alphanumeric code.

If you do not see the flow ID, keep DevTools open and repeat step (1).

Your DevTools view could be different. Learn more and customize DevTools

(2) Share the flow ID with Casetext

Click into Chrome DevTools at the location of your flow ID and highlight the code. Then copy and paste the code into your conversation with Casetext.

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