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Can I rerun a previous CoCounsel query?

Learn how to reuse documents and questions in new CoCounsel queries

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⚠️ This article discusses an earlier version of CoCounsel sold between March 2023-October 2023. For more recent content, see here.

Yes, you can reuse and build upon information from your previous CoCounsel queries. As explained below, you can use the same document across multiple skills, instead of having to upload documents on a skill-by-skill basis. You can also rerun a previous query.

To use a document you had previously uploaded to CoCounsel:

Launch the skill you would like to run and select the “Matter” folder where those documents are found, as shown in the screenshot provided below. Please note that this functionality only applies to skills that enable you to upload documents, which includes the following skills: “Review Documents,” “Extract Contract Data,” “Summarize,” or “Contract Policy Compliance.”

To rerun a previous query:

Click on the dropdown menu that appears in a dialog box when you launch a skill. This dialog box will list the queries you have previously run for that skill, organized by the time of entry. From that dropdown menu, click on the light-blue “Select” button that appears next to the query that you would like to rerun. Please note that you can only rerun a query that you had previously run for that particular skill; one query cannot be used across multiple skills.

Review CoCounsel’s Output

After you launch a skill, CoCounsel's response will appear in the chat window, which you can then download to your computer:

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