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Working with CoCounsel's initial chat (March 2023-October 2023)
Can I perform tasks that are not covered by CoCounsel’s Skills?
Can I perform tasks that are not covered by CoCounsel’s Skills?

Learn about CoCounsel's other capabilities not covered by a Skill

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⚠️ This article discusses an earlier version of CoCounsel sold between March 2023-October 2023. For more recent content, see here.

To use CoCounsel for functions not covered by our suite of applications (known as “Skills”), you can launch CoCounsel and just start chatting in the dialog box, without clicking on the buttons to launch any skills.

By default, CoCounsel’s chatbot will recommend that you use a specific skill to answer your question. CoCounsel’s skills include important “guardrails” to protect against hallucinations and bolster the accuracy of your results. If you want CoCounsel to be more creative and answer your question without recommending a skill, you can remove these guardrails by turning off “safety mode.”

To turn off safety mode, start a new matter by clicking on the “New matter” option from the bottom right corner of the CoCounsel homepage. You will then see a dialog box, where you can enter a name for your new matter. This dialog box will also display a “safety mode” button. By default, “safety mode” is on:

You can turn safety mode off by dragging the toggle button to the left. The “safety mode” button will then turn from blue to gray, indicating it has been turned off. Then, enter your matter title and click “create matter” to start experimenting with CoCounsel’s chatbot, without encountering the guardrails:

Turning off safety mode can help you use CoCounsel to come up with creative writing exercises. A few examples of how you can use CoCounsel without safety mode are provided below:

You can ask our chatbot for help drafting a blog post:

You can ask our chatbot for helping draft a press release:

You can ask our chatbot for ideas for a marketing slogan:

Please note: CoCounsel’s skills contain important safeguards to ensure accuracy and precision for legal tasks. You should not use the CoCounsel chat function to perform legal research or other tasks covered by our suite of CoCounsel skills, which have been specifically developed to understand legal authorities and other legal documents. You should also keep “safety mode” activated if you would like CoCounsel to respond to questions that have factual answers. CoCounsel’s guardrails should be disabled only if you do not care about the accuracy of CoCounsel’s responses and are just looking for creative ideas.

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