How do I access and navigate the CoCounsel platform?

Learn how to access and navigate CoCounsel

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⚠️ This article discusses an earlier version of CoCounsel sold between March 2023-October 2023. For more recent content, see here.

To access CoCounsel, you will need a CoCounsel subscription. Information on obtaining a CoCounsel subscription is found here.

Once you have purchased CoCounsel, you can access and navigate the platform by following the instructions provided below.

Access CoCounsel

Sign into your Casetext account and click on the "CoCounsel" tab that appears on the left side of the homepage:

Chat with the AI

You will then be taken to CoCounsel, where you can immediately begin chatting with the AI. You can type in any task into the chat bar, as shown below:

If there is a specific application or "skill" that pertains to your query, CoCounsel will recommend that skill in the chat window:

Tip: Use CoCounsel's chat for creative tasks, like developing dynamic wording for a legal blog post where you provide CoCounsel with the correct legal content. Use CoCounsel's skills for substantive legal tasks, like legal research, document review, or contract analysis.

Use CoCounsel's skills

Select recently used skills, or select the skills menu to view all skills.

The skills menu will appear.

Launch a skill

From the skills menu, click on the button displaying the name of the skill that you want to use. You will then see a dialog box, containing instructions for launching that skill. You will need to upload a document, select a database, or enter text for the AI to analyze. Then, press the blue button at the bottom of the dialog box to launch the skill.

The example below shows the dialog box for the "Legal Research Memo" skill. For that skill, you need to enter a sentence or two describing your research issue, and then click the "Prepare research memo" button at the bottom of the window:

Progress Bar

After you launch a skill, you can track CoCounsel’s progress on your query with the progress bar, which appears in the chat window. You can watch CoCounsel’s progress and see how close it is to getting your answer, shown in percentage increments. Depending on the skill, the progress bar will also show the estimated wait time to expect results.

Streaming Results

In addition to the progress bar, you can also see results “stream” in real time. This feature allows you to see CoCounsel’s results as they come in, instead of having to wait for the entire report to populate at once. Below is an example for the “Summarize” skill, where CoCounsel’s streamed results are produced on the spot in the green box:

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