CoCounsel is available for purchase on demand as well as in the form of a monthly subscription, as described below.

The CoCounsel All Access plan provides access to the full suite of Casetext software products - CoCounsel, Casetext Research, and AllSearch - and is priced at $500/month per user on a month-to-month agreement term.

  • With this subscription, you are able to make full use of the CoCounsel suite without having to worry about fluctuating costs in response to spikes in workload, simply fire up CoCounsel and get to saving time without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

  • This option is recommended to practitioners who find themselves regularly conducting legal research, hunting through documentation, redlining contracts, or handling a variety of other time-consuming tasks.

Alternatively, you try CoCounsel On Demand which allows you to purchase single-use work product from a variety of skills (discrete, function-based applications) with or without an existing Casetext subscription. This is a great way to efficiently begin and quickly progress through tasks you don't encounter often and don't want to get bogged down with in an already demanding schedule.

CoCounsel On Demand skill usages are priced below:

  • Contract Policy Compliance - $100

  • Extract Contract Data - $75

  • Legal Research Memo - $50

  • Review Documents - $75

  • Search a Database - $50

  • Summarize - $50

  • Prepare for a Deposition - $50

Whichever plan works best for you, we are excited to hear that you're ready to optimize your practice using Casetext's AI legal assistant, CoCounsel.

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