We're excited to hear that you're ready to optimize your practice using Casetext's AI legal assistant, CoCounsel. CoCounsel is built on the latest, most-advanced large language model from OpenAI. But unlike other large language models, CoCounsel has been specifically developed for the legal industry and builds upon Casetext's years of R&D in cutting-edge legal technology.

You can replace your current Casetext subscription with a monthly CoCounsel All Access plan, which provides access to everything you have on the Casetext legal research platform, plus CoCounsel and AllSearch. Alternatively, you can keep your current Casetext subscription and use CoCounsel On Demand, which allows you to purchase single-use work product from a variety of CoCounsel applications. With CoCounsel on Demand, you can, for example, pay for a legal research memo and not have any recurring CoCounsel costs.

If you're ready to unburden yourself from tedious and time-consuming tasks so you can focus on what makes you great as a lawyer, feel free to head to http://casetext.com/waitlist now.

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