With the Contract Policy Compliance skill, you can ask CoCounsel to review up to ten contracts at a time to determine whether those contracts comply with a policy or set of policies. CoCounsel will review your contracts and identify any contractual clauses relevant to the policy or policies you specified.

If there is any conflict between a contract clause and a policy you described, CoCounsel will recommend a revised clause that complies with the relevant policy. It will also identify the risks presented by a clause that does not conform to the policy you described.

Step-by-step instructions:

(1) Launch “Contract Policy Compliance”: To get started, click on the “Contract Policy Compliance” button from the skills menu.

(2) Choose the contracts that CoCounsel should analyze: You will then be prompted to choose contracts for CoCounsel to analyze. You have the option of manually uploading up to 100 contracts from your computer, or selecting contracts from an AllSearch database, as shown below:

If you choose the “upload” option, you have the option of either dragging and dropping your document into the box or selecting files to upload from your computer. The platform is compatible with PDF, TXT, and Word documents.

For guidance on creating an AllSearch database, please view the following Help Article: How do I use AllSearch?

(3) Enter the policy that you would like CoCounsel to analyze

After uploading a contract, type in a policy, and click “Analyze contract(s).” You can enter up to 20 policies that you would like CoCounsel to analyze when reviewing your contracts. You can also use questions that you have previously used with this skill by selecting those questions from the dropdown menu, where previously-used queries are identified by date and timestamp (shown in the green box in the screenshot below):

You can delete or edit any policy before clicking the blue “Analyze contract(s)” button.

Tip: This skill will only determine whether contracts comply with a policy or set of policies that you type into the toolbar. For this skill, CoCounsel does not have access to statutes or case law. If you would like to determine whether a contract complies with a particular statute or a particular code, the language from the statute or code would have to be entered manually as separate policies.

(4) Review CoCounsel’s report with streamed and tabular results

CoCounsel will generate a report, which identifies the contractual clauses that pertain to the policy you entered. If there are any clauses that do not comply with your policy, CoCounsel will recommend a revised clause that complies with the relevant policy.

Results will stream as CoCounsel analyzes each contract and policy, as shown below:

Once the job is completed, results will be shown in a “table” format, where uploaded contract(s) can be seen in the row(s), and each policy can be seen in the column(s).

In the example provided below, CoCounsel found clauses that did not comply with the stated policy, and recommended a revised clause. You can also download your results in Excel or Word format by clicking “Download” on the bottom right (shown in the red box):

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