Yes, you can use Casetext to find prior statements by expert witnesses that have been quoted in a federal or state case, in federal or California briefs, or in the Federal Register.

  1. On the search bar on the Casetext homepage, please set your jurisdiction to “All State and Federal”. If Casetext shows a different jurisdiction, click on the down arrow and select all for federal and state resources.

  2. Enter the search: first name of witness /3 last name of witness

NOTE: if the witness has a common name, follow this search syntax:

first name of witness /3 last name of witness /10 expert

3. Review your results: Casetext will display cases first, but you can see results from other databases, including results under administrative materials, in the Federal Register, or in Federal or California briefs, by selecting a different database from the left side bar on the search results page, as shown in the example below:

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