The “Summarize” skill has the ability to streamline dense language into a succinct summary. You can use this skill to summarize any complex document, including a contract, a court order, or a regulation. Just upload your document, and CoCounsel will provide a summarized version for you.

Step-by-step instructions

(1) Launch Summarize: To get started, click on the “Summarize” button from the skills menu.

(2) Choose the documents that CoCounsel should summarize: You will then be prompted to choose documents for CoCounsel to summarize. You have the option of manually uploading a document from your computer, selecting a document from an AllSearch database, or copying and pasting a text passage, as shown below:

Using AllSearch with “Summarize”: To choose a document from an AllSearch database instead of manually uploading a document from your computer, click the “Select from AllSearch” option shown above and then choose the AllSearch database you would like to draw from. To learn how to set up an AllSearch database, please see the following article from Casetext’s Help Center, “How do I use AllSearch?”

After you select your AllSearch database, you have the option of asking CoCounsel to summarize one or more documents from that database. To summarize all files from an AllSearch database, click on the box to the left of “File Name.” You can also select the individual file(s) that you would like CoCounsel to summarize, as shown below:

(3) Confirm the files you want CoCounsel to summarize: After your document is uploaded, you will be presented with the following screen, where you can click on the “Summarize” button to proceed, or upload additional documents:

Tip: If you would like to summarize a long document that includes attached exhibits, consider separating the document from the exhibits when you upload your files to CoCounsel. For example, if you have a motion and attached exhibits, you may want to upload the motion separate from the attached judicial opinions.

(4) Review CoCounsel’s output: Give CoCounsel a moment to think and your answer will appear like the example below. To see the full answer you can click on the expand arrow in the top right corner. You can also share CoCounsel’s answer with the share icons in the bottom right corner.

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