Yes! CoCounsel is powered by the most sophisticated large language model ever created, which gives it the capacity to read, comprehend, and write in many widely spoken languages at superhuman speed at a postgraduate level.

You can think of CoCounsel as your very own personal translator. In the event a client needs assistance with translation for correspondence, documents, etc., you can simply ask CoCounsel to translate the text for you.

Note, the default language on CoCounsel is English, however, you can ask CoCounsel to translate text from English to a wide variety of languages and vice-versa.

After clicking on the CoCounsel tab, you will be directed to a page where you can chat with CoCounsel. You can type in your request to translate the text, and CoCounsel will provide the translation of what you entered. If you'd like to ensure that the translated text retains all the context of your original input, you can ask CoCounsel to translate it back to English or your preferred language.

Here is an example of how you can translate from one language to another:

*For language specifics related to each skill please see below:

CoCounsel can read and interpret questions in many widely spoken languages but for output, the only language currently supported is English.

  • Review Documents skill

  • Extract Contract Data skill

  • Contract Policy Compliance skill

Currently, the only language supported is English.

  • Search a Database skill

  • Legal Research Memo skill

Can read, interpret questions and provide output in many widely spoken languages.

  • Chat with CoCounsel

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