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Does CoCounsel understand and speak languages other than English?
Does CoCounsel understand and speak languages other than English?

Learn how CoCounsel can read and understand many, different languages

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CoCounsel uses GPT-4, a powerful large language model that can read and write at a post-graduate level, including in many, different languages. Legal professionals will definitely benefit from CoCounsel's sophisticated language abilities, but please consider the following details for this kind of work.

A. Recommended use of English

While CoCounsel can understand many, different languages, English is CoCounsel's default language. We recommend using English.

B. Abilities and limitations

Please note CoCounsel's language abilities and limitations.

1. Requests and documents

CoCounsel can read and understand many languages that appear in your requests and in documents shared with CoCounsel. Chats with CoCounsel are limited by a number of tokens and a context window. What are tokens and context windows?

2. Responses

CoCounsel can respond in other languages during chats. For example, when you ask for a translation. However, CoCounsel's responses to specific functions will always be in English. For example, when CoCounsel summarizes a document written in French, or reviews a document in Japanese, the respective responses will be in English.

4. Research

For legal research, CoCounsel uses Casetext's database of primary law from all 50 state and federal jurisdictions in the US. CoCounsel can often understand legal research requests in other languages, but its legal research memo responses will always be in English.

5. Verify accuracy

CoCounsel is an AI legal assistant, and is not specifically developed to perform translations. For this reason, CoCounsel's translations should be verified.

C. Samples

The following samples are offered as example possibilities. Your results may be slightly different.

1. Chat translation

During a chat, ask CoCounsel to translate a short passage.

2. Review or summarize a document in another language

Share a document written in another language with CoCounsel, and ask CoCounsel to review or summarize it.

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