Can I talk to CoCounsel like a human?

Learn how to instruct and interact with CoCounsel

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Yes! Think of CoCounsel like you would a colleague down the hall. How would you ask them a question? You don’t have to worry about what keywords or Boolean operators would optimize your search results because CoCounsel does all the work behind the scenes. It’s the largest language model ever created, which gives it the capacity to read, comprehend, and write in any language at superhuman speed.

You can speak to CoCounsel like a human and instruct it to draft, edit, analyze, and summarize many different types of documents, including discovery responses, answers to complaints, contract clauses, deposition outlines, and legal research memos. Please see the "Advanced Tips" section at the end of this article for guidance on optimizing your CoCounsel questions.

Navigating the chat function:

After you click on the CoCounsel tab, you will be taken to a page where you can start chatting with CoCounsel. You can type in your question or what you would like to do, and CoCounsel will recommend the best application or “skill” for accomplishing this task. If there is not a specific skill on the platform for your task, it may still be able to help you by providing general information or suggested language for your project.

If you don’t know how to get started, ask CoCounsel:

If you need something translated, CoCounsel is on the case:

If you need a quick explanation or definition, ask CoCounsel:

CoCounsel can be your new favorite colleague!

Advanced Tips:

  • Be specific on what you want: While the AI technology powering CoCounsel is highly advanced, it still has limitations. CoCounsel cannot always discern your intentions, so if you are not direct and specific in your requests, the AI may need to fill in the gaps on its own.

  • Be concise: Providing too much information can actually hinder the AI's ability to find what you're looking for. By keeping your requests focused and to the point, you'll allow CoCounsel to deliver the most accurate and relevant results.

  • Avoid run-on sentences: Conjunctive sentences can be tough for CoCounsel to handle. This is because they often contain multiple ideas, which CoCounsel can't easily separate. So for the best results, stick to simple, single-clause prompts.

  • Use precise language: Our AI takes things literally, so extraneous descriptors can be confusing or misleading. CoCounsel may not understand colloquial phrases, and they are unlikely to be helpful in a legal context.

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