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How can CoCounsel help litigation attorneys?
How can CoCounsel help litigation attorneys?

Learn about CoCounsel's litigation Skills

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CoCounsel is an A.I. software platform that leverages exponential advancements in large language models to perform a wide range of tasks for litigators. Because CoCounsel has the ability to quickly understand and synthesize vast quantities of data, attorneys can use this software platform to dramatically expedite document review, legal research, and a number of other common litigation tasks.

AI-Assisted Research

Enter a legal research question, and CoCounsel will prepare a memo answering your question. CoCounsel will convert your legal research question into multiple searches that it runs simultaneously through the primary law, looking for cases, statutes, regulations, rules, secondary materials, practical guidance, and news relevant to your issue. CoCounsel will then read the authorities returned by these searches and explain its findings in a memo format. This memo confirms the question and includes a response where CoCounsel will directly answer your question. The memo also includes a short summary of each authority that CoCounsel has identified as relevant to your question, along with pertinent quotes from each authority and hyperlinks to the full text of each authority. You can use this skill to conduct legal research in minutes, instead of hours.

Review Documents

You can use this skill to ask CoCounsel questions about a set of documents. CoCounsel will perform a full-text analysis of each document to answer your questions, with citations to the specific pages where it found its answers. In answering your questions, CoCounsel will generate a spreadsheet that summarizes the requested information about each document. This skill is ideal if you want to do a close review of a set of documents; for example, if you want CoCounsel to quickly identify critical testimony in a set of witness transcripts.

Search a Database

This skill can quickly search through a large volume of documents in your firm’s database to find answers to your questions. Just type in a question, and CoCounsel will search your database to find the answer. It will prepare a report that directly answers your question and identifies the relevant documents. This skill is ideal if you are searching for the “needle in a haystack” in a large volume of documents.


You can use this skill to summarize any voluminous or complicated document or set of documents. This skill leverages machine learning technology to streamline dense language, including legalese, into a succinct summary. For long documents, CoCounsel will prepare a report that provides summaries for specific page ranges, with links to the specific pages included in each summary.

Prepare for a deposition

You can use this skill to help you get started on a deposition outline. Just enter a sentence or two describing an upcoming deposition, and CoCounsel will generate a detailed list of topics and questions for you.

Important notes about CoCounsel

  • Think of CoCounsel like you would a colleague down the hall. How would you ask them a question? You don’t have to worry about what keywords or Boolean operators would optimize your search results because CoCounsel does all the work behind the scenes. It’s the largest language model ever created, which gives it the capacity to read, comprehend, and write in any language at a postgraduate level and at superhuman speed.

  • The use cases suggested above are not exhaustive. This is a highly adaptable tool that you can leverage to fit the specific needs of your practice.

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