What is AllSearch?

What is AllSearch? How can I use AllSearch? AllSearch is a personalized AI search engine based on your collection of documents.

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AllSearch allows you to create your own search engine. It leverages a breakthrough in artificial intelligence called a transformer-based neural net, which matches your queries by concept rather than by literal keyword. This allows you to find records and files that traditional search technology would miss.

Traditional tools, whether in e-discovery, file management, or case management, all leave you at the mercy of keyword search. Unless you can remember the exact wording in a document, it is difficult to find what you need quickly.

With AllSearch, you can finally escape the prison of the keyword!

How can a customized search engine help me manage my litigation matters or law practice?

Having your own search engine means you can more easily and intuitively search through your brief bank, e-Discovery database, contracts database, or other collection of documents, and instantly find documents and data on that concept. Some examples of use cases for AllSearch are included below:

  • Contracts

Input a contract term using one phrase and instantly pull up the same term in other contracts, even if phrased differently.

  • eDiscovery

Add conceptual search to your current discovery workflow, or find relevant content within your own collection.

  • Transcripts

Quickly find the testimony you need, without having to remember the exact words the witness used.

  • Litigation record

Effortlessly find whatever information or documents you need in a pending litigation.

  • Prior art

Upload the patents and articles and quickly find specific language to help invalidate a patent-in-suit.

Getting started with AllSearch

To get started with AllSearch, please see our walkthrough here: How do I use AllSearch?

If you are interested in adding AllSearch to your Casetext subscription, please contact our support team at support@casetext.com.

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