AllSearch enables you to create custom databases that leverage the power of our A.I.-based Parallel Search engine to easily find documents and data. You can also run keyword searches through the files you upload to your custom databases. AllSearch is compatible with PDF, Word, and text files.

Getting started:

  1. From Casetext's home page, click the "Create AllSearch Databases" icon.

2. Choose a document type for your database.

In the "Create a new database" dialog, you can change the database type, give the database a descriptive name, and authorize database access to yourself or to all members of your Casetext organization. After answering the prompts in the "Create a new database" dialog, click "Create database" to finish:

3. To upload files, click "View database":

4. Click "Upload your files" to open your computer's file system and locate the files or folders you want to upload:

Alternatively, you can drag and drop the icons of the files you want to upload into the "Upload" box.

Tip: You can upload entire folders and subfolders of documents. The structure of your folders and subfolders will be preserved in your AllSearch engine, allowing you to easily navigate your files.

5. Your files will then be uploaded to your database and indexed for searching.

We set up your search engine. We will process and analyze your documents and make them searchable. Once we’ve processed your files, we’ll email you to let you know your search engine is ready. Then, you’ll be able to search your database using Parallel Search or keyword search.

Tip: You can click "View status" to see which files have successfully been processed.

Searching the AllSearch database:

  1. When you are notified that the processing is completed, click anywhere on the database row to open it.

Tip: You can also rename or delete the database by clicking the vertical ellipses on the far right of the row.

2. Enter your keywords, boolean search terms, or Parallel Search sentence in the search box provided.

3. Hit enter or click on the blue search term line.

AllSearch returns your results. Your database will appear as an option in the database panel on the left. You can click between result types to search in Casetext's main databases using the same search parameters.

If you need any assistance using AllSearch, please contact our support team at

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