Accessing AllSearch

Customers on the Pro plan will receive 1 GB of AllSearch storage. If you are not on the Pro plan, you can upgrade your plan to be included in AllSearch access. Before upgrading, all non-Pro plan customers, including legacy subscriptions, Advantage plan customers, and users on a Casetext free trial can get 14 days of free trial access to AllSearch. Trial access will allow up to 1 GB of data to be uploaded for AllSearch use. Users who do not subscribe to the Pro plan before their AllSearch trial ends will lose access to their created databases at the end of the 14 days.

Managing AllSearch

Pro plan subscribers are welcome to expand this initial data threshold; each additional GB to be added will cost $50/month.

Should you upload more than your allotted data limit you will be prompted to expand your data cap before the upload can be completed. Alternatively, you will have the ability to delete data to free up space in your AllSearch databases.

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