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How much do practice guides and forms on Casetext cost?
How much do practice guides and forms on Casetext cost?

Pricing for secondary sources on Casetext

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Starting June 6, 2022, Casetext will be offering access to practice guides and forms from James Publishing. Since 1981, James Publishing has provided practical law books that are loaded with time-saving motions and pleadings, client letters, and step-by-step procedural checklists, pattern arguments, model questions, pitfalls to avoid, and practice tips.

A complete list of the James Publishing practice guides and forms that can be accessed through Casetext is available here. To access this content, you first need to purchase a Casetext subscription. You can then add the practice guides and forms that you want to your Casetext account. You have the option of purchasing any practice guide individually, or you can purchase access to the entire set of practice guides and forms, which includes 90 e-books on general litigation, federal practice, California practice, and other topics.

Each e-book from James Publishing costs $15 per user per month. Access to the entire James Publishing collection costs $75 per user per month. It is a month-month add on that can be cancelled at any time. The billing date for your subscription to James Publishing content will be the same as your billing date for your Casetext subscription, and all charges will appear on the same invoice.

In addition, please note that adding James Publishing content to your Casetext subscription during an active billing period will result in your first charge being pro-rated. Finally please note that because James Publishing is a third-party company, any special discounts or sales on Casetext products do not apply to content from James.

To learn how to add practice guides from James Publishing to your Casetext subscription, please see the article available here. If you need assistance adding an e-book to your subscription, or have any questions regarding this content or your billing options, please contact our support team at

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