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Does Casetext provide access to the Rutter Group California Practice Guide?
Does Casetext provide access to the Rutter Group California Practice Guide?

Access California civil procedure guides on Casetext

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The Rutter Group California Practice Guide, Civil Procedure Before Trial, is a secondary source published by Thomson Reuters. Casetext is not affiliated with the Rutter Group or Thomson Reuters. However, starting June 6, 2022, Casetext will offer access to practice guides and forms through a partnership with James Publishing. Since 1981, James Publishing has provided practical law books that are loaded with time-saving motions and pleadings, client letters, and step-by-step procedural checklists, pattern arguments, model questions, pitfalls to avoid, and practice tips.

You can find detailed guidance on California civil procedure, including practice pointers, forms, and step-by-step pretrial procedure guidance, in the publication "California Pretrial Practice & Forms" from James Publishing, available for purchase through Casetext. Topics covered in this publication include:

  • Strategic considerations for taking a new case, including pre-lawsuit investigations

  • Detailed guidance regarding the proper parties to a case, including standing, joinder, intervention, and interpleader

  • Jurisdiction and venue considerations

  • Requirements for issuing a summons and strategic considerations regarding service of summons

  • Default judgments, including how to obtain a default judgment and how to seek relief or cure a default judgment

  • Requirements for proper pleadings, as well as practice pointers for attacking the pleadings

  • Anti-SLAPP motions, demurrers, and other California procedures for challenging a lawsuit at its outset

  • Detailed guidance regarding all discovery methods permitted by California law

  • Law and motion practice pointers

  • TROs, injunctions, and other provisional remedies

  • Availability of sanctions for discovery misuse and other grounds.

For a general overview of the practice guides and forms available for purchase on Casetext, please see the article available here. If you have any questions about the practice guides and forms available on Casetext, or need assistance adding this content to your Casetext account, please contact our support team at

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