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Does Casetext offer practice guides or forms?
Does Casetext offer practice guides or forms?

Access secondary sources and practical law books on Casetext

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Yes! Casetext offers access to practice guides and forms from James Publishing. Since 1981, James Publishing has provided practical law books that are loaded with time-saving motions and pleadings, client letters, and step-by-step procedural checklists, pattern arguments, model questions, pitfalls to avoid, and practice tips.

A list of the James Publishing practice guides and forms available for purchase is provided below, organized by jurisdiction and practice area. For an additional fee, Casetext subscribers can add any of these practice guides to their account, or purchase access to the entire set of practice guides. The practice guides that you purchase will be available in e-book format in your Casetext account. For information on pricing, please see the article available here. To learn how to add practice guides to your Casetext subscription, please see the article available here.

General litigation practice guides, for use in any jurisdiction:

Guerrilla Discovery

Deposition Checklists & Strategies

Is it Admissible?

Trial Objections

Pattern Voir Dire Questions

Personal Injury Forms: Discovery & Settlement

Discovery & Settlement

Model Interrogatories

Defending Specific Cases

Qualifying & Attacking Expert Witnesses

Trial Evidence Foundations

Building Trial Notebooks

Deposition Objections

Trial Preparation Tools

Effective Voir Dire

Pattern Cross Examinations

Proven Jury Arguments & Evidence

Discovery Collection

Client Attraction Secrets for Lawyers

The Limited Liability Company

Personal injury practice guides, for use in any jurisdiction:

Determining Economic Damages

Proving Damages to the Jury

Slip & Fall Practice

Litigating Neck and Back Injuries

Exposing Deceptive Defense Doctors

Personal Injury Handbook

How Insurance Companies Settle

Maximizing Damages in Small Personal Injury Cases

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Deposing and Examining Doctors

Insurance Settlements

Medical Evidence

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Practice guides for California:

California Workers' Compensation Law & Practice

California Lien Claims in Workers' Compensation Cases

California Causes of Action

California Pretrial Practice & Forms

California Judge Reviews (California Courts & Judges)

California Legal Secretary

California Objections

California Drunk Driving Law

Practice guides for federal court:

Age Discrimination Litigation

Federal Employment Jury Instructions

Litigating Employment Discrimination Cases

ERISA Disability Claims and Litigation

Handling Federal Discovery

Preparing for Trial in Federal Court

Bankruptcy Courts & Procedures

Ninth Circuit Criminal Law Reporter

Federal Prison Guidebook

Federal Criminal Practice

Federal Sentencing Guide

Criminal Defense Victories in the Federal Circuits

Defending Specific Crimes

Legal Secretary Federal Litigation

Practice guides for New York:

New York Fire District Officer's Guide

New York Civil Practice Before Trial

New York Judge Reviews and Court Directory

New York Objections

New York Trial Notebook

Practice guides for Florida:

The Florida Criminal Cases Notebook

Florida Family Law Trial Notebook

Florida Family Law & Practice

Florida Causes of Action

Florida Legal Secretary

Florida Small Firm Practice Tools

Practice guides for Illinois:

Illinois Objections

Illinois Pretrial Practice

Practice guides for Texas:

Texas Pretrial Practice

Texas Small Firm Practice Tools

Texas DTPA Forms and Practice Guide

Texas Criminal Forms

Texas Criminal Lawyer's Handbook

Texas Criminal Jury Charges

Texas DWI Manual

Texas Employment Law

Texas Estate Planning

Texas Probate Forms & Procedures

Family Law guides for use in any jurisdiction:

Divorce Taxation

Divorce Tools & Techniques

The Determination of Income for Child Support

Introduction to Collaborative Divorce

Social Security & Disability guides for use in any jurisdiction:

Social Security Disability Practice

Medical Issues in Social Security Disability

Bohr's Social Security Issues Annotated

Best of Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability Medical Tests

Social Security Disability Advocates Handbook

Criminal law guides for use in any jurisdiction:

Suppressing Criminal Evidence

Relentless Criminal Cross-Examination

Criminal Defense Tools and Techniques

Attacking and Defending Drunk Driving

Innovative DUI Trial Tools

Defending Drinking Drivers

If you have any questions about the practice guides and forms available from James Publishing, or need any assistance adding this content to your Casetext account, please contact our support team at

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