Yes! Casetext is proud to offer a legal memo service to attorneys who are subscribed to one of our premium plans.

Please note that attorneys who are premium Casetext subscribers (subscribed to either our Advantage or Pro plans, described here) get complimentary research assistance from our team of reference attorneys. Our complimentary research assistance includes recommended search queries and research strategies, as well as personalized training sessions on Casetext. To find out more about the reference attorney assistance included in a premium Casetext subscription plan, please see the article available here.

If you would like research help, beyond our complimentary search recommendations, we also offer a legal memo service for an additional fee. Through this service, you can submit a legal research question and receive a detailed memorandum answering your question from our team of our reference attorneys. A sample memo is available for your review here.

The cost of the memo service is $250 per research memo. The standard turnaround time for a research memorandum is 2 business days. To expedite this service and receive your memo within 1 business day, a $100 charge will be added.

To request a legal research memorandum, please complete the form available here. After you complete that form, one of our reference attorneys will contact you via email to introduce themselves and let you know that they have started working on your request. For specific questions regarding your memo request, we recommend that you communicate directly with the reference attorney assigned to your request.

Please note that our memo service is available to licensed attorneys only, and you must be a Casetext subscriber to request a memo. If you have any questions, please contact us at, or start chatting with us by clicking the live chat button!

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