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Understanding Your Parallel Search results
Understanding Your Parallel Search results

Parallel Search results / Parallel Search cases

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Because Parallel Search understands and focuses on synonyms and relationships between words and phrases, the results returned to you are those that are most conceptually relevant to your query. To further home in on the language and passages of import, the most relevant sentence from each case, statute, or other authority is highlighted for you in your search results.

By clicking on the title of a returned result, you will be automatically navigated to the paragraph within the document in which the highlighted sentence or passage appears (do note that the highlight will no longer be visible upon entering the case or authority).

A second and important detail to be aware of is that the same case (or statute, regulation, or rule, depending on your search criteria) may appear several times in the same list of Parallel Search results, given there are multiple sentences in a case that are conceptually relevant. This is to ensure that no critical language is missed.

If you are interested in learning not only how to understand your Parallel Search results, but how to generate relevant ones, please visit our Help Article which discusses how to use Parallel Search.

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