California trial court content is a database of millions of California state trial court briefs, pleadings, and forms Casetext now offers its customers.

You can add trial court content to your Casetext subscription for $19 per month. Please note that because California trial court content is an add-on so any special discounts or sales on Casetext products do not apply.

Firm accounts (admin user only):

*Note: Approving this add-on will apply to all users on your account and charges will be applied for each attorney seat on your firm. You are able to view the charge before confirming the add-on firm wide.

The billing date for your California trial court content subscription will be the same as your billing date for your Casetext subscription, and all charges will appear on the same invoice. Please note that adding California trial court content to your subscription during an active billing period will result in your first charge being pro-rated.

As with all Casetext subscriptions, you can set your subscription to California trial court content to cancel at the end of your current billing period by going to the billing section of your account.

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