Presently, Compose is only available for "preview access", rather than a traditional time-gated trial. You are able to create a Compose account, begin a motion, and view the structure of Compose (the volume and arrangement of arguments and supporting citations, the ability to internally Parallel Search, etc.). After a certain threshold of activity during the preview is reached, you will be prompted to subscribe for further access (although you are welcome to save and download your work product up to that point, no payment necessary).

Before accessing Compose, we recommend reviewing our currently covered jurisdictions and automation templates:

If our current selection meets your needs, or you're simply curious to see what the buzz is about, please feel free to continue on to your preview by navigating to and clicking "Try it for free", which will prompt you to create a Compose account before beginning your exploration.

Alternatively, you can go to the sign-up page directly through the following link:

For firms larger than 10 attorneys, please contact us to schedule a trial for your firm.

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