For each case in your Parallel Search results, the sentence that is most relevant to your search query is highlighted for you in yellow. If you would like to add the case to your brief, click “add case citation.” Doing so will add the case to your brief, with the relevant sentence included as a parenthetical citation:

Jurisdiction setting in Parallel Search: The jurisdiction filter is set to show you cases from the jurisdiction you selected for your motion, but you can see cases from other jurisdictions by clicking on the button that says, "U.S…”:

Clicking on the “U.S.” button will take you to the jurisdiction menu, where you can select additional state and/or federal jurisdictions by clicking on the downward arrows that appear next to “state” and “federal”:

After you have made your desired jurisdiction selections, click the “apply and close” button that appears in the button right corner of the jurisdiction menu:

How to exclude unpublished cases from Parallel Search: The default setting in Parallel Search is to show you both published and unpublished cases that support the sentence you selected in your brief. However, if you want to see published cases only, you can change this setting by clicking on the “Published & unpublished” button. That will cause a popup menu to appear, where you can check the option to “Hide Unpublished” and then click on “Apply and Close” to apply that filter.

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