You can use our Parallel Search engine to research cases from all 50 states, all federal circuits, and the U.S. Supreme Court. With Parallel Search, you can search through millions of cases, including both published and unpublished opinions and cases from the eighteenth century to the present.

Parallel Search is trained on the common law (judicial opinions). When you enter a sentence into the Parallel Search engine, you will see sentences from judicial opinions that are conceptually similar to the sentence you entered. For more information on how to use Parallel Search, including instructions for selecting your jurisdiction, please see the article available here.

At this time, Parallel Search has not been trained on the legal authorities included in the list below. As a result, your Parallel Search results will not include the following authorities or materials:

-statutes, regulations, or rules from any jurisdiction

-decisions from U.S. bankruptcy courts

-decisions from U.S. Tax Court

-administrative law decisions


-analyses or other secondary sources

If you have any questions about Parallel Search's coverage, or need any assistance using or accessing Parallel Search, please contact our support team at

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