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What can I research using Parallel Search?
What can I research using Parallel Search?
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You can use our Parallel Search engine to research cases, statutes, regulations and rules from all fifty state and federal jurisdictions, as well as our database of administrative decisions.

Parallel Search has been trained on millions of legal authorities and is able to identify legal concepts and synonyms. When you enter a sentence into the Parallel Search engine, you will see sentences from cases and other legal authorities that are conceptually similar to the sentence you entered.

Parallel Search can be used to research any legal issue, but it can be most useful if you are researching a new or unusual legal issue. If you do not think there is a case or other authority directly on point for your issue, you can use Parallel Search to find cases that address a similar concept or topic. Because Parallel Search understands concepts and synonyms, you can use this advanced technology to find cases and other authorities that you would otherwise miss using traditional keyword or Boolean searching.

For more information on how to use Parallel Search, including instructions for selecting your jurisdiction, please see the article available here.

If you have any questions about Parallel Search's coverage, or need any assistance using or accessing Parallel Search, please contact our support team at

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