Casetext Research, which includes access to our flagship technology, CARA AI, alongside other research-oriented tools like SmartCite Report and Similar Issues, allows you to satisfy your traditional legal research needs in one platform.

Presently, Casetext Research is available as both part of the CoCounsel All Access plan and in the Basic Research package, which provides access to both Casetext Research and 25GB of AllSearch Access.

Basic Research is available for purchase on a monthly, annual, or biennial basis:

  • Monthly: $220/month

  • Annual: $110/month each month for 12 months

  • Biennial: $100/month each month for 24 months

If you are interested in purchasing Casetext Research as part of Basic Research, you are welcome to navigate over to, begin a 7-day free trial, and enroll in the term that best fits your needs or the needs of your firm.

Free access to legal support professionals: Casetext provides free access to paralegals and support staff, with the purchase of one attorney subscription to the Basic Research plan. This offer does not apply to the CoCounsel All Access plan which is charged per user, per month basis.

Enterprise Pricing: If you are interested in obtaining Casetext for your firm of more than 30 attorneys, please contact our enterprise sales team for a quote:

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