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How much does Casetext Basic Research cost?
How much does Casetext Basic Research cost?

A guide to Casetext's pricing and plans

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Casetext Basic Research includes access to advanced research tools, like the SmartCite Report and citator, case summaries written by judges, and the option to use portions of any case to find similar issues in other cases. Basic Research also includes advanced A.I. technologies, like CARA A.I., Parallel Search, and AllSearch.


Basic Research is included with CoCounsel All Access, but it is also available on its own.

CoCounsel All Access

Subscribe to all CoCounsel skills with fixed pricing in monthly or 1-year plans. This option is recommended for lawyers who regularly conduct legal research, draft correspondence review documents, analyze and redline contracts, and create and search databases.

  • Monthly pricing: $500/month

  • 1-year plan: $400/month

Basic Research

Subscribe to search the law and your documents with monthly, 1-year, and 2-year plans. Basic Research is also called Legacy Research. Learn more

  • Monthly pricing: $220/month

  • 1-year plan: $110/month

  • 2-year plan: $100/month

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Basic Research

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